About the Hoofprints Website

  • This Trail-Riding diary is proudly NOT a templet driven Wordpress, Squarespace CMS site.
  • Peggy personally writes all content and takes most of the photographs.
  • We use Dreamweaver layout & site tools and hand-code as nessary, Peggy & RD hope the simple layout lends to an easy read.
  • Hoofprints implements HTML5 and responsive design (RWD) for compatability with mobile devices as well as "real" computers.
  • We use Photoshop to edit images and Lightroom to create galleries (so, yes the Tack Room pages are templet driven).
  • These pages are written and edited on a Mac Pro tower and a Macbook Pro laptop.
  • Tested on a herd of Macs running most of the current browsers, we prefer Firefox
  • Also tested on iPhone & iPod but not Android or Windows phones
  • Windows PC testing is limited to an older "Vista" machine (yeah, I know), so please let us know if there are problems with "8"

If you've got a comment for the Web Wrangler – question, suggestion, a problem with the site,
or even just a Howdy.
Please let me know: RD Heath > rd-at-hoofprints-dot-us

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